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Flea and Tick Season Has Arrived

Not only are these parasites extremely irritating, but they also spread diseases.

Although very different creatures, fleas and ticks are parasitic pests that feed off the blood of their hosts. A tick can draw more blood in one feeding than a flea, but serious anemia can result from a high number of flea infestations. 

Even if you can manage to remove a flea or tick from your pet, these parasites may have already done their damage. If not prevented or treated, they can cause a variety of potential health issues including: Skin irritation and infection, rashes and red, inflamed skin, transmission of disease and illness to dogs and humans, and even psychological issues from frequent scratching.   

Fleas and ticks can transmit diseases to humans through petting and sharing living space with a host dog. It is critical that pet owners are aware of the health dangers, so measures can be taken to reduce the risk of infestation. With the right plan and products, invasion of fleas and ticks are easily preventable. Our veterinarians are here to help develop a safe and effective flea and tick prevention program best suited to your needs.